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Important facts about laminate flooring

There’s a lot of information floating around about laminate flooring, so we want to make sure our customers are well-informed. This material gives you amazing durability for the busiest households, excellent stability with a thicker plank format, and some of the most gorgeous appearances in its line. Perfect for nearly every family, it has an excellent lifespan as well, giving you years to enjoy all the benefits. It’s worth a few minutes of your time to find out if this material offers exactly what you need.

When it’s time for a new floor covering, you have to do an inventory of your specific requirements. Durability is probably one of the things most important to you and the good news is that laminate can stand up to some of the heaviest daily wear. With thick planks that are stable and constructed to resist dents, scratches, and fading, you’re sure to want to install this material throughout your home.

A very popular laminate attribute in recent years has been the option to choose water-resistant products. It should be noted that this is not 100% waterproof and will not be impervious to water, but it can withstand moisture, humidity, spills, and temperature changes with no problem. This gives you more time to clean and dry your floors without worry about impending water damage. It’s great for bathrooms and kitchens, but it also makes a great floor covering in living rooms, hallways, and kid’s rooms as well.

Installation Process
These days, laminate is one of the quickest and easiest installs in the flooring industry, which helps save money on the installation process. With a click and lock design, these pieces fit together perfectly, clicking right into place without the need for glues, nails, or staples. They’re just as easy to keep clean with just a broom and a mop, and never need waxing or sealing.
Modern laminate flooring in Wayne, NE from Flooring Solutions
For a more resilient feel, be sure to ask about available underlayment that can be added during installation.

Flooring Solutions has a showroom in Norfolk, NE where you can come and see our floor covering offers for yourself. If you’re in the areas of Albion, NE; Wayne, NE; Pierce, NE; or Neligh, NE we invite you to visit us at your convenience. Our flooring specialists will be happy to help match you with a material that perfectly meets your needs while matching your decor with great elegance and style.

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