Humidity Level in Your Home During Winter Months

Managing the humidity level in your home during the winter months is just as important as it is during the summer months. Now is the best time to have your HVAC system checked and change your filters to make sure your humidifier is in working order for the winter.

During the winter months, you don't want the humidity level in your home to drop below 35%. When it goes below 35%, it means your home is too dry and you more than likely will see issues with your flooring.

What is going to happen you may ask - well when something is dry it contracts. When your flooring contracts it will gap or actually crack. When this happens, more than likely you are looking at having your flooring replaced. Floors that are reactive to low humidity include wood, laminate, vinyl plank and vinyl tile.

So now, before it gets too cold make sure everything is in working order to protect your investment. In our home, we have a small humidity reader on a desk in the middle of the house. Because it is in the middle of the busy part of the house, we check it often. These humidity readers are available here at Flooring Solutions.

Remember during the winter months, humity levels needs to be kept ABOVE 35%.

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