We aren't just putting laminate and wood on floors anymore. If you watch any home fixer upper type shows, you will see that many of the designers are now putting this type of flooring on walls. Which wall of your house might you do this you ask? The anwer is ANY room of your house would be a great place for a wood or laminate accent wall.

You have the option of running the wood or laminate vertically OR horizontally - there really are NO RULES! You simply find the coloring the wood or laminate plank that matches your decor style or the look that you are after. THEN you decide which way decide which way to run the plank.

We also have installers that have experience installing wood or laminate plank on the wall. So if you aren't handy - don't worry - we can send someone over and in a few short hours - the wall is complet!

We pressently have TWO display wall in the store with laminate installed on them and can show you completed work pictures as well.