Holidays and New Flooring

It's hard to beleive the holidays are right around the corner. Where did 2017 go??

Right about now you are probably bringing in your patio furniture and trimming your bushes for the long winter ahead. The leaves are changing and you've got your rake and lawn bags ready to go too. Everytime you go shopping, it's not just fall decorations you see on the shelves, Christmas decor is out too. Before you know it, you will hitting the stores with your long lists and buying presents for family and friends. You will be in your basement dragging out your boxes of Christmas decorations and putting up your Christmas tree.

Now imagine all the glitter and sparkle that comes with Christmas and your beautiful tree with large stacks of presents underneath in a room with beautiful new flooring!!!!

It's not too late to purchase new flooring and get it installed for your upcoming holiday celebrations. So what are your options???

Carpet - nearly half of all our customers do purchase carpet. It's warm and soft. To add an additional visual element to the room, pattern carpets are VERY popular. However traditional plush carpets are NEVER going to go out of style.

Real Hardwood - hardwood floors will always be in style. What we are selling more of today are wider plank floors with a low shine and texture. Low shine helps keep every spot or imperfection from being so visible. Scratches are always possible so a floor with texture makes those scratches blend right in.Ceramic/Porcelain Tile - tile floors give you durability. It takes A LOT to ding, mark or scratch a tile floor. If you have a lot of traffic in your home, your family is hard on your floors or you just don't want to deal with dings, marks and scratches then maybe a tile floor is for you.

Vinyl Plank - this category has EXPLODED in recent years. Many of them are moisture resistant! Many of them are floating floors so the planks just lock together for easy install. There are both plank and tile looks. The tile looks can even be grouted. There are just SO MANY options in this category that if you've never seen any of them before - you really should!

Laminate- this also comes in wood and tile looks. They are all floating floors that lock together for easy install ( and I should add easy replacement if needed).

If you put in anything but carpet, we will also show you the many options available in area rugs. We are seeing less and less sales of the bold patterned, multi colored rugs. More of our customers are selecting a pattern carpet and having that made into a custom rug. We make those custom rugs right here at Flooring Solutions!

So add new flooring to your list as you get ready for the Holidays. Time with family, presents galore, good food and drinks and new flooring make for the perfect end to 2017!!